Entheogenic Visions

A True Story of One Man's Exploration of Psychedelics

Author, Stewart Mosher, is currently at the stage of seeking publication for Entheogenic Visions.

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I recently realized that helping others is my main priority in life. So, I've decided to release the book for free only hoping to create a positive guidance for those seeking for more. Hopefully, my words move you and please feel free to share. Peace.

Entheogenic Visions Book Cover


Stewart Mosher experienced a couple of close calls with death in his youth, but it wasn’t until his last four months in the Marine Corps Infantry (while securing Port-au-Prince in 2004) that death made him seriously question life after death. Is there a God? Why is there so much suffering?

Once out of the Marines and unknowingly suffering from PTSD, Stewart found the transition into civilian life difficult.

One day a coworker told him of a legal psychoactive plant called Salvia Divinorum. This information kicked off a four year quest of self-healing and opening up a much broader view of reality using a variety of entheogenic substances.

His old friend Al saw that Stewart was using Salvia, surprised Stewart by teaching him some truth gaining spiritual knowledge. Al soon became a guide in assisting Stewart on his search for true awareness.

By the time his entheogenic journeys had come to an end, Stewart had found and explored many faces of his search. He’d found a deeper sense of the basis for religion, and a new knowledge of what lay beyond death. He’d experienced inter dimensional beings and eye-opening revelations.

By learning to tap into the Universal Consciousness he was able to see and embrace the connections we share with all other beings. And, best of all, he had found that life is itself the true trip and love for all creation is the fuel.